Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Top 3 Pet Peeves

Pet peeves. Everyone has them. Some are mildly irritating and some are enough to make me leave the room or the building or the city. I don't think I need to defend myself too much on these because they are all pretty understandable and if you're reading my blog, then you obviously don't hate me too much. Off we go...

1. Bad grammar. Your/You're. There/They're/Their. It's/Its. Really? Is it that hard? I mean sure, I still haven't quite figured out when to use lay, lie, laid, lied, or who and whom, and I can only tell when to use that instead of which (or vice versa...) when I read it out loud. Also, I tend to be comma happy. But seriously? We use your/you're, there/they're/their, and it's/its EVERY day. Every. Single. Day. On another note, I understand using "u" instead of you or "r" instead of are in text messages, but when you have an entire keyboard at your disposal, there is no excuse. (Also, are our. Just saying.) (Another also. Things taste good, you do things well. Therefore, "I did good" is not a grammatically correct sentence.)

2. People who interrupt. Is what you have to say really so important that you have to talk over me? Or make me stop talking? Unless my hair is on fire or the building is about to fall down, I doubt it is. It's called being civil. Wait until I'm done talking, and then talk. Listen to my whole point and then make a comment. Because I bet your comment would be different if you listened to my entire remark.

3. Nails on a chalkboard. That sound is like...well...nails on a chalkboard. Enough said.

Of all of the things that could be pet peeves, I suppose only having three is pretty good.

What are your pet peeves?


  1. Where to begin? I have a lot of them. First, improper grammar makes my ears hurt. I also probably peeve people because I correct them under my breath. I don't care if it is a friend or stranger, I do it. Secondly, unreturned communication. I have ended friendships over this, or at least I think I have. It's hard to tell when people fail to communicate back. Thirdly, though I could go on would be people who have their nose stuck in their cell phones when in a one-on-one setting. For example, I find it extremely rude to be out for coffee with someone and have them texting/emailing constantly. It really, really bothers me. I don't mind, and sometimes engage in the 'final' check directly after sitting down for the drink/meal/event and a cursory check while the other is in the restrom, chatting with a patron they recognize in the establishment, and then while waiting for our bill to be returned. This is a fairly new one with the improved technology, but it bothers me more and more each day. That's all for now. :)

  2. Right on with Number One! That is my ultimate pet peeve. I also don't like when a couple sits in the same side of a booth at a restaurant with no one sitting on the other side. I know they're probably in love, but WEIRD!

  3. I have to admit I get confused between affect/'s unfortunate because I have to use them frequently.

  4. Kiira - effect is generally used as a noun (The effect of the sun...) while affect is generally used as a verb (The sun affected him...)

    Of course, there will be exceptions (effect can be used as a verb if you are going to "effect change" and affect is a noun when you're talking about someone's feelings or emotions) but this is the general rule!