Sunday, January 16, 2011

4 Current Stressors

In an attempt to make this blog less about my thoughts and more about my activities (and my thoughts about said activities), this post is about 4 things that are currently stressing me out (happily and unhappily). (Also, I love parentheses.) So, here we go:

1. Moving. Ladies and gentlemen, I have been hired. I have been hired for a job in Chicago. (Well, Skokie. Close enough for jazz.) However, that means I need to pack up all of my belongings from Monmouth and find an apartment in Chicago. And now I need to decide if I want to risk finding a wacky roommate on Craigslist or if I want to live by myself (in an apartment found on Craigslist). And figure out my finances and start the journey of life as an adult.

2. Work. Now that I know I'm leaving, I need to wrap up all of my projects. I have loved my job in Monmouth and have been given a lot of responsibility and freedom to develop and work on my own projects. However, that means I have a lot of stuff to finish!

3. My skin. I've had a love-hate (mostly hate) relationship with my skin. When it's not sunburned (which is all summer) or breaking out (not so often anymore), I love it. But right now it's breaking out. Probably caused by some of the stress in my life and also by the fact that it is super dry here.

4. The timeline for the next month. By this time next month, I will have moved and started my job. My mom is coming to Monmouth next weekend for a big birthday party with a lot of her friends from high school, and I've volunteered to help with Alpha Xi Delta's Area Wide Training on February 5 (in Monmouth). Also, I need to find time to go to Chicago to look at apartments and still sleep and eat. I don't doubt it will all get done, but I do worry about my temporary sanity throughout!

What is stressing you out? Any advice for getting through my next few weeks?

I'm thinking chocolate and wine...

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