Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Collection of 5 Thoughts from Today

A collection of thoughts from the day. I spend my day talking to my dear friend HW on and off, in short bursts between her classes, so sometimes for fun I go back and look at the short back-and-forths that make up our conversations. I usually prattle on about myself and she listens to me, making her that much closer to sainthood in my book.

1. My hair is being really awesome. I don't know what's gotten into it, but my hair has been strangely cooperative lately. It does exactly what I tell it to do (after I beat it into submission with my straightener) and stays where it is put! This is a big deal, people.

2. Whoa. That person is engaged? It shouldn't come as a surprise to me, because I'm at the age where people start to make baby families (and babies, sometimes), but it still shocks me when people I knew in high school get engaged! I guess I still remember them at age 18, when we graduated.

3. Oh, shiny. A blog I follow is doing a giveaway and the beautiful bracelet being given away is from Erstwhile Jewelry Co., so I had to go look...and oh my. Those rings and bracelets and necklaces are to die for. I would literally die for this ring. Diamonds AND emeralds? Lord have mercy. (I wouldn't actually die for that ring, because then I wouldn't be able to show it off. I would probably do morally questionable things for that ring, though.*)

4. Designing is fun. I'm making HW's wedding invitations. I've already created the save the dates, and it came in the mail yesterday! I probably don't have a career in design, but I love small projects like this.

5. Chicago Chicago Chicago. I'm moving soon but I don't have an apartment (yet). I'm going there this weekend for a few days that promise to be full of fun. I start my job in less than three weeks. I've got Chicago on the brain. Enough said.

What was on your mind today?

*Joking. Totally joking.....................................mostly.

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