Wednesday, January 5, 2011

5 Professions I Admire But Could Never Do

There are a lot of professions out there and I happen to have chosen marketing. I love marketing, and I'm good at marketing. However, there are a lot of professions out there that I could never, ever do. Here are my top 5:

1. Teacher. I thought I wanted to be one. Turns out I can't do children. Especially ill mannered children who would be forced to go somewhere for 8 hours a day. I'm very thankful for people who want to be teachers, because we need them, and I would not be where I am today without a well rounded education, but I could never be a teacher!

2. Nurse. I'm very thankful for nurses. These are people who love helping others so much that they are willing to encounter bodily fluids all day and sit with worrying families all night. I love my friend K* who is in nursing school because she can tell me when I'm being a hypochondriac and when to actually worry. I could never be a nurse, though, because I can't do blood or pain and get squeamish when I think about sticking someone with needle.

3. Driver. More specifically, a truck driver. Think about it. They get the stuff we need from point A to point B. They drive. All of the time. They live in the back of their truck. I get claustrophobic in a house. They're away from their families for days or weeks at a time as they drive the things we want but probably don't need from distribution centers to stores. I know get frustrated with trucks, but I really am thankful for the drivers!

4. Construction. I love buildings. I love being in buildings, and I love looking at buildings but I have spatial reasoning issues and could never actually build a building. I realize it's mostly following instructions, but it's like the most complicated puzzle ever. Also, I'm a wimp and have trouble carrying 2x4s for more than a few minutes.

5. Mechanic. I enjoy having a car, but when it comes to doing more than turning it on or changing the CD, I have no idea how it works. Nor do I really care to know how it works. This is why I'm thankful for mechanics. You need to get your oil changed? No problem! Make an appointment. That buzzy sound is back? No problem! Make an appointment. (Or turn up the radio.) Your check engine light's been on for the past 3 months? No problem! Make an appointment. (And soon, please. Before your car spontaneously combusts or falls apart on a highway.)

What jobs do you admire but could never do?

*K is one of my dearest friends. I'm trying not to use too many first names.


  1. I've been talking with some of the teens I work with about nursing because many have vague aspirations to work in "healthcare"....mostly because they think it pays well. There are a lot of things they don't know about nursing, but it seems to me the ick factor is what keeps a lot of them out of it. I guess I feel a lot the same way as you said you did about spending the day with kids - I don't mind fluids or needles, so I should fill that niche on behalf of the squeamish.

    On a related note, I could never be a garbage person.....

  2. Another thankless task, Kiira!