Friday, February 4, 2011

7 Things I Did Tonight

Ya'll are in for a treat. This right here is a rare glimpse into my oh-so-exciting life. A chronicle of what I did with my Friday night.

1. Watch a movie. I went to campus and watched Serendipity with some sorority sisters. And even though I've seen that movie before, I was riveted throughout! I worried about how John Cusack would ever find his soulmate and was scared when I thought they would never find each other. I can only hope for such a serendipitous life.
Sidebar: I'm not a big believer in fate, but the idea that I could meet someone, have a life changing few hours, and leave the rest up to the universe sounds so amazingly wonderful. Although in today's super connected life, a number wouldn't be written on a $5 bill or inside a book, and then thrown out into the world. It would automatically be programmed into a cell phone, which, while convenient, is quite unfortunate. How are you supposed to know what the universe wants if you never leave anything up to the universe?
2. Eat pizza. If you're ever in Monmouth, order a college special from Pepperoni's Pizza. It is the best pizza in Monmouth and a college special gets you a large pizza and breadsticks for under $10. Awesome.

3. Clean my room...kinda. I started to work on tidying up my room and throwing away more stuff I don't need or haven't used, but then I got distracted. Typical.

4. Paint my toenails. My toes were lookin' rough. So what do I do? I paint them at 10 pm, thus ensuring that I won't get into bed until at least midnight in order to keep toenail polish off of my sheets and blankets.

5. Watch CSI. Usually I scare the crap out of myself when I watch these shows until all hours of the night, but tonight my cousin is staying in the house with his doberman. No one's getting in here without someone knowing.

6. Think about packing. I took a wayward glance at my piles of clothing and thought about going through said piles to weed out more clothing. Quickly forgot said task.

7. Talk to my sister. We chat almost every day and tonight was no exception. Topics of discussion ranged from our hatred of the Lord of the Ring series to cute boys to reasons why she hates white trucks that are Dodge Rams and have four doors.

Well, that's what I did with my evening. What did you do tonight?

*I'm totally doing this to the next "dip" sign that I see.

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