Thursday, February 3, 2011

5 Qualities in a Man that Make Me Weak in the Knees

Let's talk boys. Since I was about fourteen, I've had crushes on boys and in the past eight years I've found out what makes me weak in the knees and what has me walking out the door faster than you can say "But baby..." This is a non-exhaustive list of qualities in a man that will make me weak in the knees.

1. Chivalry. No, it's not dead. Chivalry is opening the door for me (and if you're feeling extra nice, the car door). Chivalry is being generous (and I don't mean buying me lots of stuff, although that always helps.* I mean being generous with your time and affection). Chivalry is being courteous to me and the little old grandma taking forever to cross the street. Chivalry is being a gentleman in every sense of the word. But mostly, chivalry is about respect. Respect me and you'll be deemed a keeper.

2. A quick wit. On occasion I can be quite witty and a man that can keep up with me is always the best. Please note though, there's a difference between witty sarcasm and mean sarcasm. Also note that I have my slow days, so a man that is patient with me on the days that I can barely string together a coherent sentence is just as apt to make my legs feel like jello.

3. Adorable. As my friends know, adorable for me comes in all shapes and sizes. I don't really have a type. But adorable does have a mentality. It's confident without being cocky and helpful without being overbearing. An adorable boy would text me in the morning to say good morning and text me at night to say goodnight. Adorable boys are just adorable...plain and simple.

4. Cook for me. Even if it's the most basic dinner ever, it will make me swoon. Boil a pot of noodles, heat up a jar of sauce, and put some garlic bread in the oven. That's all it takes. Sidebar: moving take-out from the container to the plate does not count as cooking.

5. Know when to be good and when to be bad. A man with a good sense of judgement about situations is a definite keeper. But if it's unclear, here are some examples. Times to be good: church, family gatherings, public places. Times to be bad: all other times. But really, use your best judgement.

As I mentioned, this list is not exhaustive. I also enjoy a man who is good with his hands (in more ways than one) and a man who will send flowers just because. I will also get jello legs if a man takes me out on a real date, especially if he took the time to plan it all out.

What qualities in a man makes you weak at the knees?

*Joking. Totally joking.

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  1. Intelligence. Not cocky, pretentious intelligence. I have to be able to have a real conversation with him about a variety of topics. He must also be interested in a variety of things. If he's not interested in the larger world I'm not interested in him.