Tuesday, February 15, 2011

5 Things I Would Buy from an Infomercial

Infomercials. You either love them or you hate them. Depending on the day and the product, an over produced Billy Mays commercial could inspire me to call 1-800-BUY-MORE-STUFF and recite my credit card number from memory. I've fallen prey to their predatory persuasive techniques, and here are a few of my most favorite "As Seen on TV" products.*

1. The Snuggie. It's as ugly as sin, but I love it. Also, it's so basic that I'm surprised people (including myself) will pay $10-$15 for it. A blanket with sleeves, while awesome and, dare I say, life altering, is far from necessary. But it is a simple luxury that I indulge in on a daily basis. Currently, I'm wrapped up in my Snuggie and loving life.

2. BumpIts. Yes, dear friends, I own a BumpIt. And I'm not afraid to say it. The "bump" or "poof" has become ubiquitous in today's hairstyles and for girls with hair like mine, reinforcements are always appreciated. I haven't used them lately because my hair is so short, but once it is grown out to an appropriate length, I will bust them back out.

3. The Ove Glove. While I don't own an Ove Glove, my grandparents do. And let me tell you, these things are awesome. Now, I wouldn't be putting my hand through open flames while wearing it (because fire is SCARY, people...) but it is so nice to have the use of all five fingers while taking items out of the oven. Have you ever struggled with an oven mitt and been afraid you'll drop the pan or casserole dish? Ove Gloves solve that. Genius.

4. Pajama Jeans. I'd never buy these. And if I did, I'd never wear them in public. But I don't have to worry about that, because I'd never buy them. Still, these go on my list of favorites because the existence of this product shows how pathetic we are. Because jeans aren't comfortable enough, we have to make sweatpants that look like jeans.

5. OxiClean. Maybe I just have a soft spot for Billy Mays (rest in peace), and his cocaine induced excitement, but I think OxiClean is amazing. It really does make your whites whiter and your colors brighter. I'm not sure how it works and I don't really care how it works. But it works. And that's all that matters.

What "As Seen on TV" products do you love (or love to hate)?

*Please note, these are my favorites. I don't necessarily own all of them.


  1. I love you. Seriously. I do. But somehow, I am not surprised... Just a reminder that I love you.

  2. Favorite line: Maybe I just have a soft spot for Billy Mays (rest in peace), and his cocaine induced excitement, but I think OxiClean is amazing.

  3. We got an OveGlove for our wedding - it is awesome and covered in tomato sauce :)