Monday, April 11, 2011

4 Really Great Decisions I've Made Lately

I'm just going to come clean and say that I'm not sorry for not posting more regularly. Because if I was a slave to the blog, then I wouldn't have anything to write about. Plus I really don't like apologizing in every single post I write. It makes me feel guilty.

So, in my free time when I find myself not tethered to a computer*, here are some really good decisions I've made:

1. Started running. This was a good idea for multiple reasons**:
a. I just feel generally better.
b. I enjoy the feeling of camaraderie I have with my fellow Lake Shore path runners.
c. I just feel like there should be a third list item. (Lists should be comprised of more
than two things, or so Mrs. Soderberg taught me in the 7th grade. Or was it one thing?
Who knows.)

So, even though I can feel the shin splints coming back with a vengeance, I think this was a good decision. So far. I've signed up for a 5K at the end of May and have tentatively (ok, not tentatively) decided to run a half marathon in September. Training during a Chicago summer, however, may not end up being a great decision. Time will tell.

2. Read. Read, read, read. I've read more in the past few weeks than I've read since I graduated college. In fact, just tonight, I read Bossypants by Tina Fey in one sitting. Added bonus of reading: I don't rot my brain with the same reruns of Criminal Minds and SVU. Although I just realized that my reading caused me to miss tonight's brand new episode of How I Met Your Mother. Oh well.

3. Bought an awesome shirt. My friend Tynan started an awesome clothing line called Namesake Apparel. {Tumblr & Etsy} (Just so you all know, and so you all can be just like me, I got the white shirt. I'm wearing it tomorrow.) Anyway, you should go look at this stuff because the designs are awesome. And my friend is awesome. So, go forth and spend!

4. Stayed up all night. Because you're only 22 once. And my sources tell me that once you get old and arthritic, you can't do that anymore.

Anyway, those are the great life decisions I've made in the past few weeks. My next post will tackle the adult tasks I've been procrastinating on. These include things like figuring out my health insurance and....figuring out my health insurance. Stay tuned!

*I manage two computers at work, so, not surprisingly, I don't really feel like dealing with my computer when I get home from work.
**A list within a list. I'm committed to this concept. Don't judge.***
***I work for a bank now. I'm being brainwashed into the idea of disclosures. No minimum balance required to read, must maintain $5,000 in total relationship with me to avoid a monthly service fee of an $18 Starbucks Gift Card and an Almond Joy candy bar. © 2011 Confessions of a Listaholic.


  1. Darling, I miss your blogs. Please write another one. And since you're so goal oriented, I am giving you 3 days.

    Heather (PS - Beer #7)

  2. Which 5k did you sign up for? I might be interested in joining you...